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Wellness & Health Promotion Services
  1. Complete the application form below. The application is automatically sent to a Knight OWLs of BACCHUS Advisor.

  2. The Knight OWLs of BACCHUS Executive Board will contact qualified applicants for an interview in person, which will take place at the WHPS office.

  3. Candidates will be selected and notified following all interviews.

  4. For questions or concerns, please contact Christine Pugh, Knight OWLs of BACCHUS Advisor.

Contact Information

Fill out your contact information to the right. Please ensure that this information is accurate so that we can easily contact you if needed.

Address Information
Education Information

Please answer the following questions regarding your availability. During the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters you will be required to attend 1 hour of mandatory meetings.

If you cannot work AT LEAST 6 hours, you are not eligible to apply.

If you cannot work occasional evenings and weekends, you are not eligible to apply.

If you cannot attend the entire training scheduled for Summer A term, you are not eligible to apply.

Biographical Sketch

Briefly describe any volunteer, leadership, academic or extracurricular activities in which you have been involved. Also, please answer the following questions so we can better understand who you are.

Work Experience

Please list your most recent employer.


Please list a reference that we may contact. Must be a previous or current professor or advisor (no family members or friends).