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Broken furniture, spills, aggravated neighbors, fights, hundreds of half empty blue cups everywhere and vomit – all signs of a party. However, every party does not need to turn out this way. There is a way to Party Smart.

Responsible partying is not a contradiction in terms. You can have fun, entertain your friends, kick back and relax, and yes, if you're 21 or older even drink alcoholic beverages without violating the law, annoying your neighbors, destroying property, endangering yourself or others.

Host liability is very important and underestimated; it is important to know your rights and how to protect yourself and your guests from being hurt or arrested.

Be a healthy knight by following these risk reduction strategies while drinking. By partying smart before, during, and after you will reduce the risk of experiencing negative consequences and keep yourself and your friends safe. #PartySmartUCF

Risk Reduction Tips


  • Choose not to drink
  • Set a limit
  • Ask a friend to tell you when you’ve had enough
  • Choose a designated driver
  • Get something to eat


  • Avoid drinking games
  • Track your drinks
  • Pace and space your drinks
  • Avoid hard liquor
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks


  • Call a cab
  • Don’t walk home alone
  • Use a designated driver
  • If you see someone in trouble, call for help

Party Smart Express

Party Smart Express (PSE) is a peer based program designated to educate UCF students on risk-reduction strategies during peak party times and in prime partying locations. Our goal is to reduce high-risk drinking and encourage being a sober designated driver by providing students with immediate resources they can implement before, during and after drinking to keep themselves and their friends safe.

Party Smart Express offers free snacks and waters, as well as information on getting home safe. You can find PSE Fridays and Saturday nights from 9pm to 1am around Residence Halls and Greek Rd. Come see us!

Workshops: Don't Blame it on the Alcohol: Party Smart

Students learn the positive, negative and surprising facts about alcohol consumption in an interactive setting. Risk reduction strategies and party smart tips will also be discussed. For more information about this and other workshop visit our Wellness Workshops page.