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Wellness & Health Promotion Services

Preventive Education

The goals of educational programming are to:

Educational activities include:

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment & Evaluation helps us define prevention strategies and determine successful approaches to decrease alcohol and other drug abuse on and around campus. Sources of assessment and evaluation data include:

Wellness Workshops and Motivation to Change Behavior

Students attending sexual health education workshops were questioned on changes in key factors effecting motivation to change behavior.

Effects of Biofeedback-Assisted Relaxation Training

Of students participating in monthly optional alcohol screening:

Of students referred to this office for alcohol use counseling:

Leadership and Environmental Management

Environmental Management emphasizes the importance of the social, legal, and economic environment in shaping health-related behaviors. Campus & Community Alliances bring together diverse individuals, agencies, and associations to collaborate and share responsibilities for developing communities and environments that encourage responsible, low-risk alcohol use.

Groups that address alcohol and other drug issues on campus and in the community include:

Policy Review

Policy Review insures that UCF has clear and appropriate guidelines for alcohol use that are widely disseminated and consistently enforced.

Late Knight Programming

Late Knights is a monthly event at the University of Central Florida providing free food, fun, games, giveaways and alcohol and drug-free activities for UCF students! The program has been a great success and continues to attract over 2000 students at each event.

Evaluation findings indicate that:

Social Marketing

A variety of social marketing campaigns are developed and implemented to persuade campus community members to adopt behaviors conducive to health and safety. These may include but are not limited to:

Assessment and Early Intervention

WHPS-Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention Services provides support services for students who experience physical, psychological, social, academic, and/or legal issues related to alcohol and other drug use. Services include:

Student Involvement

Students should be included in the process of planning, implementing, and evaluating alcohol and drug prevention strategies. Faculty, staff, and others should empower and encourage students to become advocates for responsible alcohol use and should support student-led prevention initiatives.

Student involvement is facilitated through:

Faculty Involvement

Faculty can:

Faculty involvement has been promoted through: