Peer Advocate

Peer advocates promote wellness by increasing awareness of student health issues and encouraging positive lifestyle choices and decision-making skills through education in three main areas: sexual wellness, nutrition, and stress management. Our Peer Advocates run Health Huts, give PowerPoint presentations, and table at various events all over campus to provide information to students about our services. Peer advocates also help around the office with general projects and day-to-day tasks. Peer Advocates can be volunteers or Federal Work-Study Students. Please see below for additional responsibilities.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study students are employed as Peer Advocates and work 10-15 hours per week. Hours are based on the amount you are awarded each semester.


Volunteers are required to work a minimum of 6 hours per week. All volunteers are also required to join our Registered Student Organization, Knight OWLs of BACCHUS.

Responsibilities of Members

  • Attend Peer Advocate Training (held between Spring and Summer A semester)
  • Attend weekly meetings in the WHPS classroom
  • Develop, promote, and present health education programs and awareness events on campus
  • Serve as a health education resource to UCF students
  • Complete preparation for programs and events as directed
  • Assist in the evaluation of health education programs and activities
  • Help recruit future Peer Advocates
  • Be able to operate iPad technology for data collection/input
  • Maintain number count of attendees who visit the health hut
  • Ensure all policies and procedures of Wellness and Health Promotion Services are enforced at all times
  • Assist Program Coordinator with other duties as assigned
  • Support mission, vision, and inclusion statement

Requirements of Members

  • Be able to lift 10-20 lbs of equipment
  • Be able to withstand Florida heat (weather) for 2-hour increments at frequent outdoor events. Members will be given 15-30 minute breaks during the work shift.
  • Must possess effective communication and organizational skills
  • Must possess passion for working outside
  • Must be willing to work evenings and weekends
  • Must be willing to present health-related workshops
  • Must possess excellent customer service skills
  • Must be willing to maintain a clean and safe work environment
  • If selected as a candidate to be hired we require a grade check (2.5 cumulative per semester) and a student conduct record check.

You can access the entire document for peer expectations and requirements at the Wellness & Health Promotion Services Office at the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Who Should Apply?

Applicants must be UCF students who will attend the fall and spring semesters of the next academic year. Students should have the ability to work as a team and independently be able to manage time and stress well. Experience in public speaking, program planning, and leadership roles are helpful but not necessary. Anyone interested in educating the UCF community on issues related to health and wellness may apply. All majors are accepted and welcomed. No discrimination will be made based on sex, race, age, gender, religion, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or parental status, or veteran’s status.

Why Should I Apply?

  • Gain professional work experience – build your resume
  • Develop communication, leadership, and organizational skills
  • Increase public speaking and promotion skills
  • Gain knowledge in several areas of health and wellness (e.g sexual wellness, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, stress management, healthy relationships, etc.)
  • Meet new people – make new friends!
  • Impact UCF students through “positive peer advocacy”
  • Great networking opportunities

How Much Time Must I Commit?

A member must commit to working for the duration of at least one academic year. Training is held between spring and summer A semester, and weekly meetings in the WHPS classroom are mandatory. Volunteers are required to work 6 hours per week. Federal Work-Study students are required to work 10-15 hours per week.

(Volunteers and Federal Work-Study students are invited to apply)

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