UCF Wellness & Health Promotion Services is excited to offer Koru courses as part of our stress management programThis class is free for enrolled UCF and Valencia Downtown students and is offered several times a semester.

The course has four consecutive classes that will be held at the same time and day of the week. Each class will be 90 minutes in duration. During each class, students will be introduced to mindfulness skills and meditation techniques to enhance their well-being, focus, and stress relief.

If you would like more information, please email pamela.mills@ucf.edu.

Registration Links:

The Koru Basic course for the Fall Semester 2023 will meet in the John C Hitt Library. Attending all 4 classes is recommended.
The course will be offered twice in the fall semester, below are the dates and times with the registration link.  Choose which course will work for your schedule and sign up for one!


9/7 – 9/28 every Thursday from 1:00pm-2:30pm, link below:


Click here to register for 9/7-9/28


10/18 – 11/8 every Wednesday from 2:00pm-3:30pm, link below:


Click here to register for 10/18-11/8


This class is brought to you through a grant from Trust in the Meditation Process, a charitable foundation encouraging meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative prayer.

Meet the Teachers

Pamela Mills

Pam coordinates the biofeedback counseling program and stress management services at Wellness & Health Promotion Services.  She is a licensed mental health counselor, board-certified in biofeedback counseling, and a certified Koru instructor.

Pam practices mindfulness because it helps her to be more “awake” to the world around her and feel calmer in her daily activities.



Stacey Embry

Stacey is from North Carolina where she received a degree in Exercise Science from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Stacey earned her Master’s in Sport and Exercise Science from UCF in 2019 while completing a graduate assistantship in Fitness. Stacey is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, and Group Exercise Instructor. 

Stacey loves practicing meditation because of how effectively it can calm the body and mind.