Wellness Workshops

We offer many wellness workshops on topics related to Nutrition, Body Image, Sexual Wellness, and Stress Management. We are more than happy to visit residence halls and club meetings to provide interactive workshops on these topics. Please refer to the list below for more information.

Please note: In order to make sure that the date and time that you request is available a two-week notice is required for all Wellness Workshop requests. We require at least 10 people in attendance. For any concerns, please contact us.

Workshop Requests

To request a workshop from WHPS, click the link above to be taken to our SharePoint site. This form requires you to sign in with your NID and NID password. If you are not able to connect to the form, please email us; we will assist you in connecting to the form or, if necessary, fill it out for you.

Be a Healthy Knight

This PowerPoint presentation highlights programs and services offered by WHPS and other campus departments that teach students the strategies to become a Healthy Knight!

(PPT 45 mins - 1 hr)

Knights Know: Nutrition

Come find out how to attain proper eating habits without breaking the bank account. Learn about the principles of nutrition, what it takes to construct a healthy diet, and tips to save money in the grocery store.

(PPT 45 mins - 1 hr)

You, Me & Sexual Wellness: Everything Under the Covers

Join us in a discussion about sex, safety, and communication! From consent to contraceptives, this interactive workshop teaches Knights the strategies to practice proper sexual wellness.

(PPT 45 mins - 1 hr)

How to Manage Stress in a Healthy Way

Current research shows that stress is only bad for you if you think it is. Learn about the relationship between the way you think about stress and how you actually feel. This workshop will discuss the impact of stress on the mind and body and will also allow participants to experience hands-on stress management techniques.

(PPT 45 mins - 1 hr)

Good Relationships Don’t Just Happen

What is a healthy relationship? This workshop will cover aspects of respect, communication, and negotiation.

(Facilitated discussion 45 mins  - 1 hr)


Alcohol awareness and safety are incredibly important, and we want you to do the knight thing when it comes to drinking alcohol. This workshop will teach you how to lower your risk around alcohol use, if you choose to drink, and how to help a friend if they have been drinking.

(Facilitated discussion 45 mins - 1 hr.)