Journal to Self-Discovery

Journal to Self-Discovery provides a safe space for UCF students to be present and mindful while channeling their creativity.

This is a free self-guided workshop, where students will have access to paper, stickers, paints, stamps, fabric, and more!

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If you’re interested in scheduling a workshop, please email Wellness and Health Promotion Services at

This is what students say about Journal to Self-Discovery:

“The Journal to Self Discovery workshop gives me a space to channel my anxiety and frustration into something creative. Having a set time every week to actually go to the workshop helps me get out of my own head and turn my negative energy into something positive. It’s been a valuable lesson on re-focusing.”

“It is a stress reliever and a time where I can let everything else fade away and focus on art.”

“This helped me to really look at my life. I haven’t in a while and it was a good experience to have.”

When asked what the most helpful part of this program was, students said the following:

  • Freedom of expression
  • Learning about myself
  • Being able to relax through artistic creation
  • Time to think, good [self-eval] questions to reflect on, and a time to be creative
  • I can be myself